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Ѽ Navicular museum
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This navicular museum is about Hanseong-Baekje era that refers to 493 years out of the 678-year time span of the Baekje kingdom, one of the ancient kingdoms of Korea. This era covers the time when the kingdom was at its greatest, having Hanseong (prior name of Seoul) as its capital. The Seoul Metropolitan Government started this plan in need of the organizations in charge of historic legacies discovered in Seoul. POSCO E&C has taken on the construction work from December 2008, using Laticrete 254 Platinum supplied by OCTA International which is the LATICRETE distributor for the Korean market.

The leaned walls toward to the floor at 45, 90, and 107-degree were the most challenging part during the construction. At first, they were going to use Latapoxy 310 to bond the 250 x 800 x 30T sized natural slate stones onto the exterior façade of 20M height, due to the mesh attached on the back of the stones though, they had to change the method to wet construction.



This is a building with three stories below and two above the ground, and the gross area of 19,298
, located in Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul. POSCO E&C recently completed the work, the museum will be opening in April 2012 after the pre-opening in December this year."


ϰ ִ ڹ ѱ ϳ 678 493 شϴ Ѽ ô뿡 ظ ų Ǿ. ô Ѽ( ̸) ñ Ѵ. δ ߱ ٷ ̳ ü ݰ Ǹ ȹ ϰ Ǿ. E&C 2008 12 ƼũƮ ѱ ޻ Ÿͳų ޵ ƼũƮ 254 ÷Ƽ Ǿ.


ٴ 45, 90, 107 Ư ư ϳ̴. 20M ܺ Ļ忡 250 x 800 x 30T õ ö Ű ó Ÿ 310 ( ) ̾, ö ޸ ϴ 254 ÷Ƽ Ǿ.
Ѽ ڹ Ѹ 19,298 3, 2 ǹ, ı ø ġϰ ִ. ڴ ֱ ư, ڹ ù ġ 12 ģ 2012 4 ̴.

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